Saturday, December 10, 2011

I really get irritated when I see a Christmas tree in KUWAIT FB page

Why? Not a recommendation of mine. Sad to think it bugs people that much. I think of Christmas trees as symbols of peace, happiness and goodwill.
And as Islam accepts Jesus as a prophet and it's acceptable to marry Christians, what is the problem with anything related to the word Christmas?

Happy to see that since the page started in 2007 it only has 22 members.!/group.php?gid=6919088731&v=wall


  1. Tolerance is noted in the Quran AND the Constitution of the State of Kuwait.

  2. I'm just happy it's become commercially viable that seems to have made a big difference. Certainly things are more tolerant these days especially for the Christians. Different story for the Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists.


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