Sunday, December 11, 2011

40% of Kuwaitis have Osteoporosis

Arab Times KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10:

MoH to set up ‘independent’ public health body: Dr Falah

The Ministry of Health intends to establish an independent public health authority soon, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting Assistant Undersecretary for Planning and Quality Control Affairs Dr Waleed Al-Falah.

Al-Falah explained the authority will play a major role in overseeing the implementation of reforms to improve the health services in the country. “Our goal is to develop the health care system on par with the international standard for promoting health and to focus on developing primary health care,” he added.

Meanwhile, Al-Anba daily has quoted a report on the spread of osteoporosis in Gulf nations saying that 40 percent of Kuwaitis have osteoporosis, while in Saudi Arabia, 32.2 percent of the men and 44.5 percent of the women suffer from the disease. 

Informed sources from the Executive Bureau of the Health Ministers Council in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have called on the member nations to intensify their efforts in combating osteoporosis.

Sources said the GCC countries should consider the disease a major health crisis. The bureau has requested the establishment of national centers which will be tasked to improve the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, in addition to promoting the importance of research in combating the disease, sources disclosed.

LWDLIK - Blimey! Does that mean a total 76.7% of Saudis? I'm thinking these people need to get those abayas off and get some sun. Lack of vitamin D (a good source is sunlight) can be a cause of osteoporosis as it aids the absorption of calcium.


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  1. its very obvious, gcc locals can't even lift a hand to do a layman's work. there's too much caffeine and cigarette tars in their body because they spend more time in coffee and tea shops. i also agree that women should take off their abayas to take in more sunlight...hehehe.


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