Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Goodwill Calendar

The goodwill calendar is a non-profit project meant to assist those seeking to get involved in Kuwait's philanthropic community. Goodwill opportunities are surging in record numbers and garnering attention and support from all corners of Kuwait.  Their goal is to simplify your life by gathering all those events onto a single site . They hope to inspire the coordination between all goodwill associations thereby complimenting one another and maximizing the individual efforts of participants.

The calendar is dedicated for the purposes of environmental & humanitarian events. Contact events@goodwillcalendar.org to post your event and sign up for email alerts to stay informed on all upcoming events.

To view calendar http://www.goodwillcalendar.org/ and see what's on.

They have a facebook page goodwill calendar to share info, post stories, ask questions and stay updated. 

Wishing them great success, it's a great little site with big wonderful plans!

WTG Fajer x

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