Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kuwait's 5th International Islamic Art Convention

Kuwait's 5th International Islamic Art Convention at the Grand Mosque, opposite Seif Palace daily from 9AM-12 Noon and 5PM-9PM starts Dec. 25 - Jan. 7.

Arabic Calligraphy workshops and an exhibit.

Palestinian embroidery

Origami tesselation by an Italian who once visited and was inspired by Al Hamra in Spain.

Bisht weaving

My precious pumpkin's beautiful batik. Thank you to the lovely, interesting Malayasian ladies of Lyanne Batik - it was a very enjoyable time for us.

Babygirl stencilling a cloth bag with designs commonly used in Islamic art.

The event is free, as are all the workshops. Sadu House has children's weaving workshops from 5-8PM, there are daily calligraphy workshops for adults at 7PM and children's workshops and fun craft things to do all day and under one roof. Dar al-Athar also have a booth there and will be showcasing their children's workshops on Saturday morning.

It was much smaller than I expected but my daughter and I did enjoy ourselves especially the calligraphy work, the batiking and the messy stuff. Be warned there are paints and glitter glue everywhere so dress the kids accordingly ;O)


  1. I would like to find the website of the "artist's colony" which is located near the Maritime Museum in Kuwait - can you help me??


    1. Hi Julie, are you thinking of Dar Al Funoon?


Always great to hear from you :O)