Monday, December 19, 2011

We Are Toast!


As you may already know it's a constant battle to get my darling babygirl to do her homework. So revising for end of term exams was excruciatingly painful. I was sure 'we' would fail year 4. But bless her cotton and polyester socks - she did pretty well. She was so pleased with herself especially when she handed me the Term 1 Best Speller certificate and said to me very smugly, "And it's laminated!" :OD

So yesterday, we were off shopping early morning but she had forgotten to get the money off her Dad that he had promised her. I told her not to wake him but she explained to me that it's ok, he likes her to wake him up. Knowing that my husband can be a bit grumpy if woken up I asked how she wakes him. She said she kisses him on the head and says I love you Daddy. So I agreed to let her try. She held on to the bedroom door ready to enter, swung her hair back, looked at me and said, "Showtime!."

See what I mean we're done for - and she's only 8 :O( 


  1. Thanx :OD Not sure where she gets it from ;O)


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