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The Posh Kuwaiti Montessori Nursery Review by Globetrotter Parent

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The Bambino's nursery in Kuwait

So we decided not to enroll the Bambino in one of the nurseries frequented by expatriate children here in Kuwait.  We figured that while he is still so young and his mind like a sponge, why not put him in a nursery with Arabic speaking children instead?  So he goes to a private, upscale Kuwaiti nursery.  The children wear uniforms (they're only two years old!).  The teacher-child ratio is one teacher for six children.  The materials are from Neinhuis.  The languages of the classroom are English, Arabic and French.

The nursery being the most "authentic" Montessori nursery in Kuwait (other nurseries in Kuwait call themselves Montessori but are more "Montessori-inspired" than actual Montessori), there are very few "toys" in the classroom.  The closest thing you get to toys are stacking blocks, puzzles and an abacus.  This being the toddler class, these toys are acceptable.

There is a practical life section, which real glass pitchers of water and bowls to practice pouring and transferring with a spoon.

There are also the standard Montessori mathematic and sensorial materials, like the pink tower and the cylinders.  These materials are actually meant for age three and up but the school decided to put them in the toddler room as well.

And here is the Bambino during his adaptation period at the school (no uniform yet - that came a week later).

We recently had parent-teacher interviews.  You read it right - a parent-teacher interview regarding our two-year old child.  Never before have we encountered a nursery that gives parent-teacher interviews for toddlers.  Not that I'm complaining.  It's always fun to hear how my two-year old boy acts at his nursery when we're not there.   Oh, and this "interview" didn't take place at the school, in the classroom, as you would expect them to.  No no.  We received a formal invitation to a tea at the very chichi Le Notre Restaurant and had the interview there.

So far, we're happy with our decision to put him in the posh Kuwaiti nursery.  Now if only I could understand the Bambino when he tries to say something in Arabic!

LWDLIK - We need the name of this outstanding nursery, have left her a comment asking to share her find. 


  1. I fail to understand the concept of a 'posh montessori' as I am sure you will no doubt know that Maris Montessori started her first 'Children's House' in the SLUMS of Italy in 1907.

  2. Have you seen their toilets and the kitchen where the food is prepared for your bambino?

  3. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    hi , what nursery is this ? im looking for one that would help my 2 yo. learn french.

    1. I don't know of any that teach French at that age except, perhaps, the French schools. Try Googling Lycee Francais Kuwait and ask them.

    2. I believe this Montessori school is the Gulf Montessori in Salwa.

  4. I suggest this site to my friends so it could be useful & informative for them also. Great effort.


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