Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dick Whittington and his Cat in Panto at KLT - Tickets Available for Matinee 2.30PM Today

There are a few much sought after tickets for today's matinee performance available for this year's panto at Kuwait Little Theatre call box office 99373678.
Great seats row E1-5 is available, that's 5 seats, I know because they were mine :O( But still have 15 LOL :OD This panto is not to be missed! 

More details and map


  1. Four more shows next week, Wednesday-Friday, with a matinee on Friday. Tickets are booked quickly, but do call if you want to come, there are usually a couple of cancellations.

    Break a leg, guys!

  2. i'm sure you will not post this, but having worked on this show - which is my umteenth at KLT, never again. A gutless director pandering to a couple of divas.

    A pantomime which if you are british just wasn't pantomime. Too much choreography, too little humour.

    A number of people will not return to KLT after this fiasco - including a committee member - thanks to Kimberley Lewis who behaved appallingly towards anybody not called Tim and Adel, especially the poor costume girl who walked off thanks to being spoken to and treated horrifically.

  3. Well I posted it because those that you accuse should have the opportunity to answer you. And, personally, I disagree with your opinion of the panto I thought it was a great panto along with my 15 big and small friends.


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