After the successful launch of the Magic Ice Museum in Turkey, the contractor has expressed an interest in new full-scale projects, in an interview with the Hurriyet Daily News newspaper.
According to Odd Roar Olsen, the firm's general manager, Lofoten wants to build a hotel in central Istanbul and has unveiled a six-room concept, including an ice restaurant and an ice bar.
“We would like to simulate a regular hotel room with a bed, tables and chairs," Olsen said. “No hotel may become rich because it has an ice room. Still, it might gain prestige.”
Talks are already in motion, and Olsen believes Kuwait could soon be the first to host ice structures in the GCC.
"We are close to a deal with a Kuwait-based investment company. This company sees a big potential in taking the concept to the Middle East," he states.
He also expressed an interest in the Dubai market, but as yet, Olsen has not found a Dubai-based partner.
The existing turkish Ice Museum is located in the Forum Istanbul shopping mall, and has had 500,000 visitors since its launch in April 2010. The Viking-themed facility uses 370,000 tonnes of ice and requires 1,000 'ice glasses' daily for its accompanying bar.