Friday, December 16, 2011

Kuwaiti Kills Wolf and Then Proudly Brags to Newspaper


According to a story published online by Al Watan a young man went out bird hunting with friends, carrying a shotgun, and was greeted by a lone wolf at the entrance of his tent one morning. Abdullah Algelawi told the paper that the wolf or fox attacked, he wasn’t certain what kind of animal it was at first, so he proceeded to pump a pile of shotgun shells into it. Then he posed with the dead, bloodied Gray Wolf, sometimes hoisting it up, and proudly forwarded the  images to his local paper. It is illegal for Kuwaiti citizens or resident workers to own firearms.  The Managing Director of K’S PATH, John Peaveler explained that “we are working with Kuwait Oil Company, who owns and administers the nature preserve [where the flamingos were shot last month], to prevent poaching in the area. However, we cannot make all of the necessary changes that will curb the tide of habitat destruction and eradication of wildlife currently effecting Kuwait without additional support.”

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