Monday, August 27, 2012

New Female Employee Parks in Boss' Parking and Then Has Him Assaulted When He Complains

Kuwait Times

A search is underway for a female employee from the Kuwait Municipality and her male companion, who physically assaulted her manager when she called the male companion for help following a dispute. The manager had reportedly summoned the newly appointed employee when he learned that she had parked her car in his parking space and removed the sign that marked it. Following a heated argument, the woman reportedly made a phone call, soon after which a man arrived and struck the manager, before he and the employee escaped. The manager filed a case with Salmiya police after receiving treatment.

LWDLIK - Is this a sign of what's to come? Hello people, big flashing warning sign!


  1. This is so funny and much more knowing that we are in a realy macho man country. But this doesnt mean that this woman is not acting as a lady should. Shame of her!!

  2. LWDLIK, back to kuwait? back to work?


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