Monday, April 20, 2015

Review: Bayt Ahmed, Souk Al Mubarakiya (Heritage Souk)

A nice leisurely wander around - after a hearty Arabic breakfast - in Souk Mubarakiya is always a fun, colourful, interesting time. A quick visit to Mubarak Al Kabeer Kiosk museum and then an introduction to the sweetest little coffee shop/artisan curio shop, called Bayt Ahmed. First class coffee and sweets and a wonderful loo (not always easy to find in the Souk) they even had Jo Malone hand soap. 

We loved the quirky, artisan atmosphere and shopping. It's an interestingly whimsical yet serene and female-friendly spot to sit and enjoy a great cup of coffee or mint tea.

Thank you ladies for your excellent company. 

Indoor/outdoor seating 

The menu; there's one is English too.

Part of our order

Super coffee

Eclectic selection of adorable chinaware

Fresh flowers, trinkets and cake.

Unusual, delightful one-off pieces.

A hodgepodge of curious items and old Kuwaiti memorabilia.

Love this. Without the a/c control of course.

Irresistible cake.

All photos were taken in Bayt Ahmed which is located in the city (Souk Al Mubarakiya) across the road from ABK bank.

Hope the map helps. Kim marks the spot. If you have ABK bank behind you and you are facing the Heritage Souk carpet shops and next to Evergreen Vegetarian restaurant you will find Bayt Ahmed behind the carpet shops.

A must visit if you're in the Souk. 10/10

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