Sunday, December 31, 2017

I'm Such a Good Wife

My husband never gets up for hotel breakfast, ever. Me, on the other hand, can not forgo those breakfast included offers. I gave up trying to get my husband up and am fast giving up with my daughter too. So this morning I was able to fix him a tray from the buffet and bring it back to the room for him (see photo). With thanks to the lovely helpful staff at Ibis Styles Diplomatic Area, Bahrain, which is a new, fabulous, well-priced hotel that we got at an irresistible price and are really pleased with our choice. Okay, so I get back to the room having had breakfast alone (no problem so used to it now) and tap on the door for a few minutes with my foot as carrying a tray of breakfast and as I didn't take the key - because didn't want the a/c in the room to go off and wake my sleeping beauty. Bed-head husband finally answers the door and is a bit grumpy at being woken up. He slowly realizes I have food for him and starts perking up a bit. After his first sip of perfectly made cappuccino he asks how to spell my surname for the wi-fi connection. Surprisingly, we have a great 30 years long wonderful relationship even if he can't always remember how to spell my name. 

Compromise, love and laughter are key. Happy new year.


  1. Compromise, love and laughter, I love that! The husband and I are at 9 years, still a long way to go. :)

    1. Okay, maybe grit determination and perseverance too. You'll get there.


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