Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jerry the Elf Advent Calendar

Have been following my friend Paula's elf friend, Jerry, and his escapades on FB and Instagram @paulapapac. Everyday her son wakes up to find out what Jerry's been up to the previous night.

Day 10 Jerry got carried away by the guys from WWE...
think one of them is Barbie's boyfriend

Day 9 Jerry got dressed up and went on a date
with Barbie...naughty Jerry

Day 8 Jerry made a "snow" angel

Day 7 Jerry caught up with his shoemaking cousins

Day 6 Jerry tried zip-lining from the Christmas tree!

Day 5 A spot of fishing

Day 4 Elf its war!

Day 3 Jerry is a grafitti artist!

Day 2 Jerry took a bath whilst we slept

Day 1 Gabriel wakes up to find
 Jerry had fun during the night....
apparently Elves have a sweet tooth :-)


  1. oh wow, you have to be a very creative momma to do this!

    1. Thanks I try my best! Paula

      Follow the elf on Instagram @paulapapac

  2. How cute is this. Sass xx

    1. Follow the elf on INstagram @paulapapac

    2. Follow the elf on Instagram @paulapapac

  3. lovely story! I want an ELf in my life!


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