Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Gift of Friendship for Christmas..

What a lovely day we had with great friends. Which is really what Christmas is all about. Being with people you actually want to be with. As opposed to a hotel restaurant in Goa. My BFF had just had surgery to have a kidney and tumour removed and was adamant that she would still have Christmas lunch at hers - against all our advice. But she is a trooper and we Brits are cut from a different cloth LOL - a tad mad perhaps. She got her way, she does most times. So Miss Thang here stepped up and into the kitchen to cook the lunch under madam's remote supervision. Our recovering hostess did look splendid in her Santa PJs, I wore the obligatory elf's hat (and other clothing of course) followed closely by paper crowns on the other guests at lunch. We all joked at how we should have all dressed in festive PJs but the reality is we are so lucky to have such great friends who through trauma, pain and suffering still manage a killer smile and offer gracious hospitality. A fab day had by all. Love u babe x

And the downside - The large Jelly Tots tube pictured below was a gift to my precious daughter and I thought I'd have 1 or 2.... finished the whole tube so if anyone out there knows where I can buy a replacement please let me know before she realises. I just couldn't stop myself...

C'est moi :O)


  1. Lovely! <3 Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Prayers for your BFF to have a full recovery.

    1. Awww thanxxx Expat. Hope you had a great one too sweety xxx. Wishing you a happy new year full of love, peace, happiness and good health. The PJ princess is doing much better thanks.


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