Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Life With Cacoa at Grand Avenues :O)

I must have passed this place a hundred times but had never been in, though I did notice it was always quite busy. On the day I did visit it was chosen by a Kuwaiti friend of mine, who knows her food, I joined them after they ordered as I wasn't really that hungry. Famous last words. They ordered salads and pasta (which they raved about) and I was lucky enough to get a little taster before the plates were taken away. Oh boy, it was excellent and I shall definitely return for the heavenly pasta. I'm afraid the dish titles elude me probably because the chocolate fondue arrived and had me mesmerized. The waiter and the manager were highly attentive without being irritating, had several suggestions which were appreciated (have the cookies with the fondue and don't order the white chocolate). The staff were well informed and very efficient. The expresso was one of the best I've had in Kuwait and I savoured it with a happy, chocolatey smile on my face. We were thanking the manager for his kind attention and commenting on how lovely the staff, food and ambiance is when he went off and brought back a complimentary slice of pistachio cake for us to try. Although the pistachio cake was a little too creamy for my liking. Will definitely go back soon and not just for the chance of free cake.

Update - 2nd visit 30/12/13 had an amazing ceasar salad and a delicious spaghetti bolognaise washed down with fresh apple and watermelon juice. Yum! 

9.5/10  - and that's only because there's usually a queue for a table.

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