Monday, December 23, 2013

Oh My Lord How Sweet! Babygirl Blushed...

Yesterday, after visiting my mother-in-law, we popped into Yarmouk Co-op I needed a few bits and my 10 years old 'Claire's addict' got her weekly dose. Whilst she was in there, asking the sales assistant the price of every One Direction item they have, a Kuwaiti lady started chatting with her - just small talk - how cute she is and does she like One Direction. 

The lady was buying lots of things and allowed my precious to go ahead of her in the queue. I was at the cashier downstairs and phoning her to hurry along as we needed to go. 
We had the driver with us so we loaded our shopping into the car as quickly as possible trying not to cause too much inconvenience to the car behind. A boy came running over to us and handed me a One Direction purse, I thought perhaps my daughter had dropped it, I said thank you and passed it to her. He gave us a big smile and we got into the car and left.

As we drove off my daughter told me that the boy's mother must have bought the purse for her or got it free because the lady may have bought over KD 15 of merchandise. Either way it was a very sweet and thoughtful thing to do. I didn't get a chance to thank him or her properly for their kindness. 

When I mentioned to my daughter what a very nice thing to do and what a handsome (approximately 11 or 12 years old) boy he was......She started blushing! LOL

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