Thursday, November 23, 2017

Farms of Abdally - Bab Dokalh (Dukkala), Petting Farm, Abdally

The farms are open weekends only.

Bab Dokalh (Bab Dukkala) is a large, beautiful open petting farm located in Abdally which gets very, very busy on the weekends.They have lots of animals, a restaurant, toilets, great views and produce for sale. Definitely worth a trip to Abdally to see all these farms if this one's too busy you can move on to Blue Lake (they have a few animals too) or Sadeer Farm. It's beautiful weather now so enjoy the outdoors. Opens after Friday prayer and 10am on Saturday.

Blue Lake or AboHayra Mazraa has some unusual animals, fields of cabbages, corn or whatever is growing at the time, lillies to buy, strawberries in season to pick and buy, kids play area, small BBQs, chicken, fresh corn, fresh sugar cane juice, tea and coffee but I would take some snacks, blanket, Dettol wipes and drinks too. Outside the farms there is nothing much to see no shops, restaurants but there is a small coop. Make sure you have Google maps on or GPS as you are near the Iraqi border and don't want to get lost. I will post the maps her for you don't even try to find them without. 

Sadeer Farm is pristine, neat, has amazing produce for sale and a few animals for petting  but best to call ahead to check for open days.

I've added the maps above just click on highlighted farm name but below are their Instagrams too:

Happy Days!

Feedback already - Here's an update. We went to bab dakkala farms yesterday with PJ and her family. it was wonderful weather. drive took 2 hours from mahboula. it was easy to find just at the map location. the bird cages were clean and well maintained with water and food for them (incl. the huge completely enclosed one) there was a man with 2 birds on his arms who was taking very good care of them, gentle in handling them. The animals in the pens (like goats sheep, the wallaby, emus, deer, llamas (or maybe alpacas, not sure) etc) were well taken care of. One person was sitting with green feed and giving it to the kids and ppl who wanted to feed the animals. So no junk food and khubz everybody, thank God ! I also spoke to a keeper of the animals who was continuously sweeping the area around the pens and keeping it clean. He said these animals were well taken care of and even had A.C. accommodation in the summers. The play areas were decently clean . The horses for riding were clean and healthy. I saw the monkey having fun with his handler later swinging from bars. And the place is very well set up with wonderful diwaniya seating, fountains, pools and nice food outlets. Of course the vegetables and plants market at the entrance are a must see. 
We had a great time, even though it was a long journey. 
My advice, go early. And after initial browsing occupy a diwaniya quickly (none were left for us by the time we headed for lunch). MB


  1. How much is the entry fee??

    1. Do you have any number for the petting farm. We have to call before going right?
      We r planning to go tomorrow

    2. Hi Tracy, numbers are 66653910, 99403434. Not sure if they speak English so try asking, 'mazraa oftah ilyom' whic means is the farm open today f they say 'nam' which is yes then you are sure it's open. Mostly it closes only when the weather is really dusty. Have a look at the other farms while you are there and Blue Lake which is on Google. Have fun.

    3. Oops sorry for the typos using my phone to answer.

  2. I'm sorry but it's not very responsible of you to post pictures of a place that keeps primates in clothes for interaction with the public. They are supposed to be wild animals, not created for human entertainment.


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