Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Whirlpool Moments

I would just like to thank @whirlpool for not getting me into big trouble. My new clothes dryer stopped getting warm and the clothes were not drying. Flummoxed, I tried a few buttons, switched it on and off, tried several times and no luck. Then I read the instructions (I know, I know, no judgment please this is Whirpool's moment) so I discover there is a water residue tank that has to be emptied every time it is used. Thinking back I vaguely recalled, 'yadda, yadda, water tank needs emptying, yadda yadda' from the @safathome guys. So I pull out the full 2 ltr water residue tank and empty it. And bam! It's working again. The machine had been running before but not heating up because the smart little machine must have a sensor to tell it to switch off the heat so as not to create more condensation (water) for the full water residue tank so it doesn't overflow and damage the machine. And I am eternally grateful that I haven't broken the machine after 6 uses. Happy customer. #whirlpool moments #kuwait #smart #dryer

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