Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kuwait is ruled from Seif Palace, not by mobs..

Govt urged to be firm by Ahmed Al-Jarallah

YOUR Highness the Amir, please allow us to express ourselves and relate the pain of Kuwaitis due to the current situation. Your Highness, please allow us to talk frankly, even if the tone is fairly high, because you are our shelter and we can tell what we really feel without falsification.
Kuwaitis, Your Highness, since hundreds of years have been content with the Al-Sabah rulers, and have put their trust in them. Kuwaitis pledged allegiance to your highness and to the royal family but not to those who work for their personal interests or agendas of regional powers.
Your Highness, you and whoever you put your trust in maintaining and preserving the country are entrusted with our political, economic and social security. So when you order, you see everyone obeying except those who deviate and they are few in number. The Kuwaiti people will never allow these few people lead them to the unknown or to chaos with their empty slogans of freedom and democracy. Kuwaiti people have witnessed democracy since the rule of the first Sabah until today and it has been the basis of the democracy of today.
Kuwaitis have put their trust in you after Allah Almighty and we did not elect Ahmad Al-Saadoun or Musallam Al-Barrak or Waleed Tabtabaie or Jamaan Harbash or Faisal Al-Muslim or Mubarak Al-Walaan or Adel Al-Saraawi and their likes to rule the country. We have put our full trust in your highness to steer the ship of our country and to you alone, we are obedient. We were very pleased when you relayed your directives telling that gatherings should be inside diwaniyas and not outside and we really want to apply the law on everyone. All Kuwaitis are loyal to the country and those who are not, are not from us.
Your Highness, we will not allow a handful of demagogue anarchists to eliminate Kuwait with their fake slogans, because everyone knows that these people are hypocrites and they harbor the opposite of what they say. They don’t believe in freedom, nor in democracy which helped them to be a minority in the National Assembly. These few persons did not use their logic when the government intended to apply the law on everyone without exception or discrimination, nor committed themselves to the law and the Constitution and the sublime directives of Your Highness.
These few persons are blinded by their selfish vision and have tried to create chaos and provoke unrest through seminars which they wanted to be a source of aggression. They also wanted to abuse securitymen who were in charge of safeguarding their security and that of others.
These few people have been exposed, their masks have fallen and their hidden intentions have become known. They will never be able to hide the sun of truth through parliamentary interpellations or by inciting people, because everyone now knows their real identity. These few persons have been trying to abuse the country just to achieve their own interests and agendas at the expense of the interests of people and the country. They keep challenging the law and issue revolutionary statements as if they are in a fierce war, do not fear God, and do not care about the homeland and citizens.
These people have no place among us, because they believe they can burn Kuwait with a cigarette butt. They are greatly mistaken and should be punished, because Kuwait is not their private farm. Kuwait is governed by a Constitution and the few who have reached the National Assembly should respect the Constitution and not impose their wishes on the people. The will of the homeland is above all wills and the directives of HH the Amir are above all empty slogans.
Your Highness, we reiterate that Kuwait and its fate and future are entrusted to the leadership and we are confident that our leadership is trustworthy, so please send instructions to the government and all other institutions to be more firm and stern against the few ignorant people who seek vandalism and disruption. They do not understand that patience has limits. They should know that Kuwait is ruled from Al-Seif Palace, not from the street by mobs and demagogues.

LWDLIK- If many of you expats are baffled about what's going on at the moment in Kuwait you are not alone. I happen to agree with Ahmed Jarallah. I know some of you won't but Kuwait really needs strong leadership at this time and seeing as democracy is half-hearted we'd better leave the decisions to those who have the power to quell this ripple of sedition before it gains momentum.


  1. Dear Anonymous- As much as I'd like to print your comment and agree with your sentiments I have to becareful what I post (seems a friend was looking for my website yesterday and it was blocked and termed political activist.. LOL) so please reword, slightly, leaving out any references to how you would like to demolish certain places ;O) Thanks.

  2. Besides the Kuwait National Assembly building, also known as 'Majlis Al-Umma' remains one of the most exceptional modern buildings in the Middle East designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, who also designed the Sydney Opera House, and constructed using precast concrete.


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