Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Paul, Paul, Paul!

Had lunch in Paul's in the Avenues today and 'some' of the food quality has returned to its former greatness. The pastries are sublime (have tried them on many occassions :O). I know they fell off the list of places-to-visit list for a long time not sure what happened, they were amazing when they first opened and then dropped to so-so and even descended to downright inedible for a while but they are vying for a comeback. The petit pain au chocolate pastry is just so incredibly yummy!
They do have pretty awful service though which is a shame because that can put me right off eating there, may still have to pop by for a take-away pain au choc.
The service today was slow, uninterested and annoying. And please ask your customers what tea they would like, only as a tea drinking Brit I'm used to ordering tea and getting a decent black tea not a fruity one (has happened on a few occassions). Even when I order, specifically, English breakfast tea it's so weak that it's not drinkable, doesn't seem to matter how long I leave the t-bag in. Seems the French are not so into black tea. Which is a shame because we, and the Kuwaitis, most definately are.
PS.. My crab and salmon salad was way over dressed today but the asparagus soup was delicious.   

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