Friday, December 17, 2010

Russell Peters- Beating Your Kids

Of course after posting about the recent study regarding beating your children it was inevitable I'd get some flak. Have to say mostly it's been 'for' beating kids. More flak. Having spent 7 years trying not to spank my daughter - who is one really tough Kookie - most of the time I spend pulling my hair out or if she did get a little slap on the bottom then I'm feeling wracked with guilt for being the very worst mother in the world. Punishing her is, and will always be, a nightmare. I've tried grounding her, that really doesn't work she just drives me nuts which I'm convinced she does on purpose. I've given her choices before now; a smack on the bottom or being sent to her room/no trip to the park/no ice cream, etc (only one of those punishments not all three) and she'll choose the smack every time. She doesn't get the smack as mostly always it's used as a threat, which of course is my problem no follow through and consistency. I know it, just can't do anything about it. When she does get a wallop she'll taunt me and say, "That didn't hurt." Yes, my daughter rules our roost. In my humble opinion never mind cigarettes, kids take 20 years off your life easily.

A dear friend has sent me this hilarious video of Russell Peters and his view on beating kids.



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