Friday, April 15, 2011

The 11th Kuwait Camel Racing Championships Updated

3,700 camels from 17 countries. Apparently it's a 5-day competition with camels from all over the globe including Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Kuwait and the local Gulf and Arab countries. The large prize money and number of contenders is set to make this one of the most internationally renowned and largest camel racing competition worldwide. Last year they had traditional Kuwaiti music and dancers performing the sword dance.

The Kuwait Camel Racing Club located in Kebd (pronounced Chebd and written as Kebd or Kabd on signposts). It's off of Road 604. From 30, take 6th ring to Road 604. If you hit the 7th/6th Ring Interchange, you have gone too far! Take a left to go south on Road 604. You will drive approximately 11 miles. You will pass the power plant on your right. At the second circle that you encounter, take a left. Drive until the road ends and take a right. The club will be at the end of this road on your left. WARNING! This is not for the faint-hearted, best to drive in daylight and not alone as a woman. Trust me when you get to Kebd you'll understand. (It's like the Wild West a 100 years ago).

UPDATE: From Dearest Delores my superstar friend at AWARE-

Asalaam Alaikom,

Hi Kim,

In regards to the camel race event, I was driving by the race track yesterday and noticed the display of flags of many nations as well as the delivery of the grand prizes....I passed large car carriers which came out of the camel race track/club area, empty. The event begins early in the morning on April 17th (7am) and continues until all races are completed. (2-3pm each day) The grand finale will be held Thursday, April 21.

Hope that helps.


LWDLIK- Thank you Delores :O)

Reviews by visitors to the smaller race events back in 2006 [link] & [link]


  1. thank you , thank you! my friends & i LOVE the camel races. please update us if you hear anything. i normally find out after the fact ;) you are so wonderful to keep us updated

  2. Hi Nerissa, will do. I hate to be so vague about things and have been googling all morning but nada..
    Hopefully prior to 17th things will become a little more clearer. I'm sure some kind soul out there will tell us something.
    Will get my hubby on the job too. gambling now :OD I think the Swiss camels might be at a disadvantage ;O)

  3. carla footeApril 11, 2011

    Last year I called the camel club and they told me what time it would start: 3pm on a sunday but then it never even began until at least 4 or 4:30 as they were waiting for the VIP from the ministry to come. I went to the opening ceremonies so there was alot of press (tv cameras etc) and also sword dancing men who sang/played drums and a band.

  4. Great Carla thanks sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

  5. We went yesterday. Left at 5.30pm and the races were still happening. LOTS of camels. Easy to find, follow the flags left off the 604 at the big roundabout.

  6. Hi Anne glad you commented thanks. Was thinking the timings way too early for me so good to know it goes on longer.

  7. AnonymousMay 09, 2011

    are the races still on in May how do we find out and what days do they have them
    is Kebd a place visiting anywayas we have a guest and we want to show them interesting sites in Kuwait area

  8. Hi Anon, I think the races are over now until the cooler months. Kebd is definitely not worth a visit if there are no races on.


  10. Are there things happening at this time of the year? 17/3/2012? my parents r visiting n I would like to show them the races before going back. Any info will be greatly appreciated.thanks so much for keeping us updated.

    1. Dear All, Weather doesn't really permit at the moment (dust). But when I do hear of something will post it. Try they will know or they'll have desert days with camel rides, buggies, BBQ, etc.


Always great to hear from you :O)