Sunday, April 3, 2011

Severe Sandstorms Heading to Kuwait

Published Date: April 03, 2011

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior's (MoI) information security department yesterday issued a severe weather warning, advising people of expected storms today and tomorrow with strong southeasterly winds of between 20 and 50 km per hour. "This will cause low visibility in some areas, particularly open ones," the statement warned, adding, "The weather will be unstable and there is a chance of rain and thunderstorms."

The ministry has mobilized all its departments in order to deal with any emergency arising from the severe weather, with affected individuals urged to call the emergency hotline on 112. Those affected can also call the traffic department's operations section on 24832806 or 24816533, or the civil defense department's operations division on 1804000.

The interior ministry statement reassured the public that security authorities have taken every possible measure to deal with the results of the sandstorm season which Kuwait is currently experiencing and to work on minimizing the adverse effects. The ministry explained that all relevant departments work closely together, including the public security division, the central operations team, the traffic department and the civil defense division, as well as the police.

The MoI also urged the public to take all necessary precautions in the event of severe weather and to follow official instructions to ensure their own safety and wellbeing. It advised the public not to overload their vehicles during rainy weather in order to avoid sudden malfunctions, as well as to ensure that their windscreen wipers are working properly. The ministry also called on all motorists to check their tyres to ensure that they are not worn and will be able to grip the road in wet weather, as well.

Mol warns against braking suddenly when driving in such conditions which can cause accidents. The statement also stressed the importance of leaving adequate space between one's own vehicle and the one in front in order to avoid collisions, given the greater space needed to come to a stop in wet weather.

Drivers were also instructed to give way to emergency services vehicles, such as ambulances, fire engines and police patrol cars, in order to allow these workers to perform their duties as rapidly as possible. The ministry also emphasized the need to ensure that children are not allowed to put their heads or hands out of moving vehicles to avoid being injured, and to ensure that they are safely buckled in using safety belts, urging parents to make sure that their children listen to and comply with these instructions.

Fishermen and other sailors were instructed by the interior ministry not to set out to sea until after obtaining the latest weather forecast details, and to inform the coastguard of their time of departure, their destination, and the approximate time of their return when they do set out in order to enable their rescue if anything should go wrong. This can be done quickly and easily by calling either 1888050, 23906134, 23906135, or 23906136, or online at  the ministry said. It also reminded sailors that all vessels should be equipped with the necessary safety gear, including lifejackets, communications equipment, fire extinguishers, handheld torches, first aid kits and flares, as well as additional fuel and supplies of food and water.

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