Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great Finds at Lulu Hypermarket

It's the Lulu Hypermarket in Ghurain, head from the city down the 40 towards Ahmadi turn off at exit 208, turn right go straight til small roundabout, take third exit you will see large Noodles sign on building turn right, straight ahead for approx 600m you'll find Lulu's Hypermarket on your left.

For mini bakers..

And for the budding Thai chefs...

Dear Mr Lulu, sorry about the prices being on these pics and that's probably the reason you don't want pics taken. I'm not comparing prices just want to show what a great assortment you have. I'm one of those wonderful customers who never looks at the price (much to the annoyance of my husband). If you would like me to remove pics I'd be happy to do so. Email



  1. Hi LWDLIK! I personally enjoy shopping in Lulu, Qurain. You have posted quite an interesting list of things available there! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Hi Kuweight 64, Haa.. you're just being nice. I'm really not very good at taking pics and these are from my iPhone. You do get some funny looks whilst taking pics of food items.
    What camera did you use for the Avenues flowers on Mother's Day? Those were beautifully done.

  3. LWDLIK, LOL, that was a genuine compliment!..the pics you posted of all the above items,look beautiful. I don't carry a camera with me, it's easier for me to take pics, from my Nokia mobile. If you observe many of the pics I have taken, they lack tone and clarity, when taken at night. Day time pics (like the Avenues flowers for Mother's Day) come out alright. Lol, I do notice sales staff looking and wondering what am I doing. I am used to that now. But what surprises me is certain enthusiastic, all helpful staff, actually coming forward, arranging things for me, for the pics. I really feel happy when that happens. LOL.

  4. hi LWDLIK, i was so excited to the pics of the thai stuff. I have been looking for it. Now i know where to get it from !Thanks and keep posting ;)

  5. Hi Shazia, it is a great collection of Thai ingredients best I've seen. And so handy to get them with your weekly shop. Enjoy! :OD


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