Sunday, April 10, 2011

Expat Mums in Kuwait

From Expat Mums-


We welcome expatriate mothers of all nationalities, faiths, origins and beliefs, either living in or shortly moving to Kuwait!


1. Provide and share information on the practical aspects of living in Kuwait e.g. schools, hospitals, transportation and all the big and little things you need to make life work!

2. Offer a safe, comfortable environment for mums to arrange outings, playdates, and meet-ups as well as share the ups and downs of parenting and family life in Kuwait.

3. Keep each other informed of events happening in Kuwait: cultural, community, as well as our own businesses and personal adventures.


1. This is an English language group.

2. Members must be expatriates living in or shortly relocating to Kuwait.

3. You must be a mum or a mum-to-be.

4. All members must use their real names – we are real people who meet up in the real world!

Visit us online and request an invitation today!  

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