Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seems I've So Very Offended Mark at 248am

I quite often mention Mark's blog - always in a very positive way. I was happy to post about Mark's mention on CNN website naming him one of the top bloggers in the Middle East. [link]

I had thought my little quip that he should thank Benihana for helping him increase his number of viewers was a dig at Benihana and not him.

But on his blog today he states he was 'so offended' by me and my post was 'very offensive'.

Here's what happened...

In response to a post Mark wrote earlier regarding the low number of viewers he received after his mention and the higher number of viewers for the Benihana lawsuit. [link].

So I posted a comment on his blog...

Kim says: April 17, 2011 at 11:18 am

@ Mark- Wow! Strange I thought for sure that CNN article would bring superstardom. I do hope you thanked Benihana :OD


Mark says: April 17, 2011 at 11:22 am

thank Benihana for what? for suing me???? seriously???


Kim says: April 17, 2011 at 12:40 pm

For the increased attention it brought to your blog.


Kim says: April 17, 2011 at 12:44 pm

It was s’posed to be a joke; note smiley face.


Mark says: April 17, 2011 at 1:09 pm

I saw your post on your blog and I actually find it very offensive that you think Benihana is the reason my blog became popular.
I’ve dedicated a lot of time and hard work to get the blog to where it is today and it wasn’t overnight fame because of Benihana.
If this was a choice I would have chosen not getting sued over the 2 days of traffic spike my blog received. The case is still ongoing and I still have a chance of losing it so I hope you understand why I am so offended with your blog post and comments here.

LWDLIK- Am I the only one who found my comment regarding Benihana funny?


  1. Hi, I would like to thank you for making a marvelous and informative blog even for Kuwaitis ;)
    Regarding your question, I think some people might find it funny (since it was only a sarcastic joke) while others might take it seriously. I am sure that you did not INTENTIONALLY try to offend him in any way....
    I think that many of us went through the same situation many times before...

  2. Oh Dear what a mess, I'm sure all your readers know you intended it to be funny not offensive. I think Mark is probably highly stressed about the situation (who wouldn't be ?)and has just read it the wrong way.We all know how popular his blog was before the Benihana review,and that you weren't insinuating that its the review that shot him to stardom.It is so easy to read something the "wrong way". If he had been sitting with you and been able to see your expression and hear your tone of voice this would never have happened. So much for modern technology eh? :-( Lxx

  3. hi dear. it could be a cultural difference or sometimes people could overreact to certain things. I am not here to talk about that part.

    I am here to say everybody knows through your blog pots what a nice person you are and that you would not write something to offend anyone and that you did not intend in any way to ignore all the hard work Mark put into his blog. I mean, he put that effort whether you say what you say or not, your 2 words are not going to change what people think of his blog. anyways don't worry about it, we don't please everyone in life :) so keep your beautiful sarcastic smiles everywhere, they're cute :)

  4. What happened to the stiff upper lip? F-him if HE has thin skin (AND HE DOES). You shouldn't need anyone (besides yourself) to validate your self esteem and intentions. I've found bloggers 'need' stroking and recognition for their ego (note his words and his tone - I’ve dedicated a lot of time and hard work to get the blog to where it is today and it wasn’t overnight fame because of Benihana..... translated "I am Premier League honey, you're only 2nd division". ). Pull on your big girl britches and in the best British way, give him the royal finger.....

  5. steiner709 says:
    "Hi, I would like to thank you for making a marvelous and informative blog even for Kuwaitis ;)"
    mmmm seems thats you dont have any idea about Kuwaiti bloggers ya steiner709 ;)or you think thats the poor Kuwatits source of infromation only ladies who do lunch in kuwait blog (with all the respect to Kim and her blog)

  6. @ Steiner 709 - I had assumed you were Kuwaiti I think Anon did too. Seems from your blog you may not be? Nice blog BTW I will give the 'ten things to do this year' a big think :0D

  7. @ Steiner 709 - Thanks for your compliment. I really didn't mean to offend and certainly feel if I did then I apologise to Mark.

    @ Lx - Thanks honey. Yes it must be very worrying.

    @ Narine - You're a sweety x Thanks.

    @ Anon - :OD Can't say I didn't think about it. But my new leaf has been turned over and I'm trying to spread peace and harmony (at least in my life) failed miserably with humour :OD

    @ Anon #2 - Steiner 709 has great taste.. leave him alone...Joking! :OD There are some fab Kuwaiti blogs out there. Love when they write stuff in English too; wish more would. They have a very unique view on things that can be very interesting.
    Thanks Anon #2

  8. Hi

    When I read your post on Mark... I found it witty .. I am regular on your blog and i really love ur punch of humor to the post .. this makes the information more interesting .. please do not get discouraged by these comments ... we love you .. please keep posting .. I guess your this post will atleast give u a number of people who love u ...


  9. LWDLIK don't worry. Sometimes its difficult to make another person understand of one's good intentions. From your blog, it's so evident that you are caring person and have a big heart and have not mentioned anything offensive. You were only taking a dig at Benihana, and in reality you were only applauding Mark's success for making it in the best 10 blogs of middle east.

  10. Dear Anon and Kuweight 64, thank you for the support. I'm feeling the love :O**

    I really didn't post to receive lots of nice comments - which are always fab to get - but to find out if my sense of humour needs honing.

    And I have decided.. it doesn't.

  11. Mark has an ego bigger than his blog.

  12. I've posted a couple of times here as Anon, I follow his blog too and was surprised to see his reaction in comments before you posted it here but its not you, its him. Not blaming him, perhaps he's just stressed but it definitely wasNT you either alright. Love your blog.

  13. Dear Anon and Anon,



  14. It was that time of the month for him...chillax


  15. Hey EB where have you been? Nice to have you pop by :OD

    I fully understand the time of the month thing and I believe there's a full moon too...

  16. I did happen to notice that Mark's views for Feb went through the roof whilst the Benihana fiasco was heating up. According to that is. Must have been a coincidence. Yup right!

  17. Dear Caesar-Kuwait Music,

    Thanks for your comment, which I published from my phone but can't find it anywhere? I think it has to be a hitch. Happens sometimes and may even turn up. Hope so. But just to assure you I haven't deleted it, honest :O)

    My comments on Mark's response to my quip on thanking Benihana were truly meant to be a joke. Granted my sense of humour seems a little darker and slightly more warped than most.

    I adore Mark's blog, have never doubted it is a great blog (regardless of the Benihana episode) and was delighted that he was not stopped from blogging because of the court case.

    I also love Keep up the great work.

    Sadly, I have almost stopped reading other blogs. It is too tempting to not want to steal a fabulous post and, mainly because I find that many comments that are not gushy and gooey can be misconstrued :O(

    How about the Vienna Boys Choir being here, how cool was that!

    Peace out bloggers..


Always great to hear from you :O)