Monday, April 11, 2011

The Racing Camel

The Racing Camel

There are two main breeds being raced, the Omani and Sudania which differ in color - the Omani being very light and the Sudania more of a tan color. Traditionally, a racing camel was fed on dates, honey, alfalfa, milk and seeds. They were never allowed to drink the day before a race and were prevented from feeding for the 12 hour prior to a race. With this type of saddle the jockey sits behind the camel's hump.

Thoroughbred racing camels are first put through their paces when they are about two years old. Initially the animals are trained to obey basic commands issued by the jockey. Then, a crucial two-kilometer gallop decides which have the ability for racing. To help build their stamina, the camels are made to run certain distances every day, which varies in proportion to their age.  

Young boy jockeys used to be brought in from poor countries to race camels in Kuwait, this is a very controversial topic that was fought against and has been outlawed now.

Check out the beauty of these magnificent camels running at full speed, notice that all 4 feet are coming off the ground as these racing camels fly through the air pushing their way towards the finish line.

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