Saturday, April 16, 2011

BBQ Weather Finally.. :O)

Get the BBQs out it's another gorgeous day. Had a fab day yesterday with friends in the garden...... after almost near disaster. The BBQ burst into flames, seems the ones that use lava coals and a gas bottle should NEVER be used with charcoal bricks.

The charcoal got so hot it burned it's way through the flimsy metal and melted the rubber hose to the gas bottle, turning the gas bottle into a flame thrower and igniting a bag containing two bags of charcoal! It was terrifying; but thankfully we got it under control. Initially the hostess was calling for her husband, who had gone inside the house to get something from the kitchen, she was telling him the BBQ's on fire. To which he answered "Yes dear it's supposed to be" until he realised it really was on fire.

Meanwhile I was dashing around trying to find something to smother or beat out the fire, I grabbed a cushion and then realised the hostess had just purchased them (and fire was getting way too big) so decided to go for the water hose.

Fireman Fred (his new name) grabbed the hose and stood ready for action...I turned on the water tap...nothing! Wrong tap. I quickly found the other water tap and Fireman Fred spun into action and doused the fire whilst the host put on kevlar gloves and switched off the gas bottle flame thrower.  Phew!

Fortunately there was a back-up, smaller, old style BBQ and the oven. A great time was had by all.

And these were certainly worth all the fuss and wait :O)

One dead BBQ..


  1. hey! so how do you do the BBQ steak? I always wanted to know. Those pieces look delicious! You put a lot of BBQ sauce on the steak and cook it like that without any other spices? And I also noticed that you put them on the sides not the center.

  2. Hi Narine I'll have to check with the BBQ king we were guests and have to admit I've no clue.


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