Saturday, April 30, 2011

Queen Elizabeth II and her Handbags

My sister-in-laws were asking me about the Queen's handbags and thought they might be Hermes to which I gasped and held my heart. The Queen wouldn't be seen dead with a French handbag!

HRH usually wears on her arm a Launer (above)

Also a Launer for the royal wedding 2011.

The Launer bags have a tell-tale logo not unlike the breast cancer ribbon logo. The order takes two weeks as the bags are all handmade. Orders and enquiries can be made on their website

The bag below is available in a range of colours for KD 353, which for a handbag of such quality and fit for a queen - It's a bargain.

She has been known go for a bespoke Asprey , as did Margaret Thatcher. Seems Hermes has bought the Asprey store in New Bond Street.

The fabulous Asprey shop in New Bond Street.

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