Monday, April 25, 2011

Interhouse Swimming Gala

I'm crossing my fingers and toes this morning for my daughter's team 'Failaka.' I think I'm a lot more worried than she is.

She says she's competing in the Noodle Race Mixed, Frog Relay Girls Race and the Bellyflop. All new to me, what happened to breaststroke and front crawl? :OD

I think she must have the Bellyflop wrong; I'm thinking the coach may have commented on her lack of finesse when diving and said ' You're doing a bellyflop' and my daughter probably thinks it's part of the competition? 

Good luck Failaka! I've sent consolation cupcakes just in case.


  1. Hi LWDLIK! Saw your post just now. What was the result of the competition? Hope your daughter had a great time!

  2. They won!

    WTG babygirl I knew you could do it :OD

    Thanks for asking Kuweight64.

    K x

  3. Wonderful! Congratulations to your daughter and her team.

  4. Thanks Kuweight 64 she and team were delighted to win.


Always great to hear from you :O)