Friday, April 22, 2011

Ooooooh Ice Cream...

Got to be cheaper than Haagen Daz..

I know where my daughter has her ice cream obsession from ;O) So, her recent moment of complete madness is understandable.

She was being picked up from school and the car was about to move when Miss Vanilla and Chocolate Cornetto sprang out of the car and made a mad dash towards the devil himself...the ice cream man.

He knows my daughter by name and always says 'Hi xxxxxx' as she's leaving school, she knows all the prices and has tried most of the wares on offer. We managed to get it down to one a week on Thursdays. The evil man would even let her run a tab and pay him later.

The problem was - she had forgotten it was Thursday until she was in the car.  She flew across the road and had a complete meltdown until she got an ice cream. When she got home she was in BIG trouble.

She knows that was a very, very dangerous thing to do, has promised it will never happen again and understands that the devil takes many forms :OD


  1. Maybe your greatest post yet... heart warming...and I hope she keeps her promise, or only break it once or twice at the most.

    That a side, the fact she knows the prices and knows how to do a business transaction (with the devil never the less :)), means she has an advantage over kids her age, which also means, she has a better parent than most.

    Lets face it, thats the best any kid can hope for, a caring mother that prepares you for life.

    God bless and may you get to see her as a great mother and enjoy her children as well.


    P.S: mine just hands in the money and asks for what they want, never knows what anything cost except the day of the purchase, and never count change.

  2. Ahh! Thanks EB. I think she'll be a banker (fingers crossed) but she wants to be a hairdresser :OD

    Miss VCC has also been known to hand in the money and not count the change when it's mummy's money.

  3. She wont be a banker nor a hairdresser, nor would mine be a meteorologist/astronomer or future house wife... thats what they might end up doing, but thats not what they we'll be :)

    They will hopefully be good decent, respectful people.. occupation/vocation is just that.. lets hope they get one that they'll enjoy and benefit humanity while at it... but hey! as long as they are decent people they can be whatever they want... and I hope they'll be happy and safe.

    Ohh how i miss the times when I didn't care that much about anyone... now am a hostage to my loved ones... does that make since?

  4. @ EB - Yes I'd settle for a good human being, respectful, compassionate, kind and good to her parents :OD

    Thanks for being so refreshingly honest about how you feel as a dad and husband. I had started writing a blog refering to how kid's should come with a health warning much like cigarettes ;O)

    Intended to be a satirical, truthful but light-hearted look at parenting. But my friends and sister reckon it would be damaging. LOL. I just think the truth should be out there.

    So, yes, your last sentence made perfect sense.

  5. Forget about health warning, they should come with an instruction manual.

    You are doing a great job and helping us along the way.... just keep at it, if that what it takes for you/us to stay sane :)

    wait till there 10-12... try and fight the giggles that they so often have.



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