Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little Lesson in Manners


1. If someone holds a door open for you it is polite to thank them.
2. A queue means people wait patiently until their turn.
3. Driving like a maniac and almost killing people is not going to get you to your destination faster unless your destination is the morgue. Also flirting with the guys in the next car whilst driving on the motorway, and changing lanes and almost causing an accident because you want to make an illegal u-turn are all very blinking inconsiderate and downright crazy.
4. Bulldozing into people in the mall is extremely rude.
5. Staring at people and pointing is a big no-no.
6. Treading on my daughter's foot and bashing her in the face with your handbag whilst trying to get at Ne-Yo in the Avenues and when she's crying ignore her; is going to really upset her mamma.

So those 'supposed' female members of the human race (ladies does not seem so fitting) your arrogance, conceit and rudeness is unbecoming to your religious faith. Because I know - and so do you - that your religion doesn't teach you to behave in this way.


  1. Absolutely loved this post. Especially the last paragraph. There's no concept of manners here which reiterates how money can't buy everything. Earlier today, I got cut off by a "person" (using the term loosely) who cut into my track at a slant as there wasn't sufficient space & when I tooted the horn,made some comments causing the 4 children in the car to look at laugh. Seriously, if you don't have manners yourself, what are you going to pass on? The children in the car learnt first hand today that it was ok to drive like an inconsiderate moron & then laugh about it.

  2. Yes absolutely Anon money can buy ill-health (diabetes is rife here one of the highest figures in the world), laziness, obesity, the wrong-kind-of spouse, bad parenting and way too much arrogance.

    Glad to hear you're ok.

  3. money makes your mind
    tiffany twisted
    gives you the mercedes bends

  4. Thanks LWDLIK, (I'm the orginal Anon who posted the first comment ;)). I'm glad to be ok after every time I'm on the road in this place. I actually leave an hour earlier to work than I need to just to start my day in peace (relative) than having to drive with more people on the road (translate to proportionate madness) & begin my day "bleeping" all over the place. There are times I've actually let out frustrated yells in my car. I think its an awesome country, one of the safest in the world but sadly too much money & not enough sense.

  5. I forgot to add - I can't imagine what you felt when that happened to your little one. I felt outraged (unfortunately not surprised though) reading it and she isn't even my own.

    If it makes you feel any better, there was a time we had to rush a family member to emergency who was experiencing a minor heart attack & while waiting for them to take him in, people cut in front of us there too demanding to be attended to! Hence the incident with your little one doesn't even surprise me anymore. There were some awesome people there who started screaming at them etc so its not everyone but it definitely is a large percentage unfortunately.

  6. Anon #2 LOL.. Been there I'm in recovery.. :O)

  7. Anon 1, 3 & 4 :OD thanks for the comments.

    Hope the family member recovered well. That is a horrible thing to experience at a time like that. Yes you are right it's not all people. There are some really lovely folks here.

    Don't worry daughter's ok I think her pride was hurt more than her face. She's been rather sheltered from the real world so this was an eye opener for her. She's only 7 years old and I would love to have her not experience the uncaring nature of some people but sadly it is a reality :O(

    I try to teach her and myself not to react with anger (I'm still learning). Firstly, because it stays with me the whole day i.e. if I give someone a few choice words I seem to obsess about it the whole day and wonder why I didn't say this or that, etc. Now I try to feel pity for the person because to go through life with a bad attitude must be a lonely, unsatisfying one.

    I get a thrill out of random acts of kindness, helping others, not reacting - this one kinda freaks them out - And smiling at people (although I have stopped doing that to the guys they get the wrong idea ;o)

  8. They should behave well not because of religion, but out of HUMANITY!


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