Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Words of Jewaira

From a talented poet blogger Jewaira.

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Just before dawn, I found myself half-awake, emerging into consciousness with the gradually brightening sky beyond the thick wooden slats. Outside my open windows, the breeze blew the melodious chorus of birds singing joyfully at the break of a new day. You appeared, as melodically as those birds, in my waking thoughts and a singular yearning for you clutched my heart before breaking free, singing me gently back to sleep.

Lobster: Muted Freedom

The compassionate angler
was fishing for sole
but instead,
unfortunate crustacean,
you became entangled in his
he heaved you up
a whopping four kilos
almost one metre in length
and you were faced
with your foe:
the compassionate English angler
who took your massive form
and deposited you to be cared for
in the aquarium
after more than 50 years at sea
you become
a specimen for people to watch
little children will point at you
and squeal
as you try to focus
behind the thick glass that distorts your vision
and magnifies the confusion
the sound of the aquarium filter makes an incessant buzz
and you long for the sounds of home.

Inspired by a huge 1 metre lobster saved from the pot.

LWDLIK- And I thought I didn't like poetry but I really enjoy her poems.

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