Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bedoun Employees Get Same Benefits as Kuwaitis at Ministry of Health

Minister of Health in the caretaker government Dr Hilal Al-Sayer issued a ministerial directive Sunday, stating that all Bedoun employees of the ministry, be they doctors, nurses or technicians, be treated on par with their Kuwaiti colleagues, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Director of Legal Affairs Department at the ministry said the directive is in line with the general policy of the country in this regard. The decision includes all leave benefits like one full month paid leave, in addition to 15 days paid sick leave and 15 days unpaid leave. Pregnant women would be entitled to 70 days maternity leave.

The decision was announced during a meeting attended by ministry Undersecretary Dr Ibrahim Al-Abdulhadi and Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Abdulkarim Jafar.

LWDLIK- That is a good start. You are the man! - 'Caretaker' Minister Dr Hilal Al-Sayer.. passing directives when there is no government! WTG guys.


  1. Dr. Sayer ROCKS. He is so forward-thinking and trying so hard to do good things for his country. He's also humble and approachable and always happy to say hello to strangers. I really like the guy (AND his wife, Margaret, who founded Bayt Abdullah) and hope that he is given the opportunity to keep up the good work.

    And Dr. Al-Sayer, if you read this, thank you for showing compassion to the Bedoun who have needed someone to champion them on this basic humanitarian issue; equal healthcare.

  2. Absolutely DG the finest examples.


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