Monday, April 25, 2011

Kuwait Friday Market - Have Mercy Please!

Although there is slight hope for the endangered species being sold there due to new laws being implemented - whereby endangered animals will be confiscated and given to the Kuwait zoo. I have heard there is a new zoo to be built so they'll come in handy.

Some of the poor animals are still kept in dreadful conditions, many are sick or malnourished. It really should be shut down completely - unless dealers clean up there act and some stricter monitoring of the situation is in place.  An outdoor market in summer selling furry animals is just cruel.

Why not an air-conditioned unit? Why not some rules on hygiene and animal welfare? Are there any rules or licences for sellers? There doesn't seem to be. Some animals are sold from the back of cars. I've heard of stories where animals bought from there have died soon after due to sickness.

Shouldn't the sellers be regularly checked that they're selling healthy animals? What about rabies, AIDS, bubonic plague, anthrax, avian flu, influenza, etc. Something you should might want to think about when you buy a cute pet monkey or multi-coloured chicks.

Can we stop this? It's worth a try. Start by choosing to 'like' on the FB page link below..!/pages/Stop-the-Friday-Market-Kuwait-from-Animal-Trading/197931386910356

LWDLIK- Thank you Carol for the pics and for caring x

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